Readiness for digital transformation?

Readiness is a key factor that determines the success or failure of any transformation.   Determining your readiness, however, can be a challenge ….   

Speaking to C-Suite executives and the Board of Directors on a Digital Transformation. Many focus on “Digital” and don’t think about the “Transformation.” Certainly, there is a technology component, but that is only a small piece.

Don’t make that mistake!  Without Business Transformation ….

? I.T costs are going to skyrocket.
? Systems will be complex, and your business will not scale.
? You will not get the results you want.

There are common themes between a digital transformation (or any transformation or major project in business) and what happens with people changing themselves.

? Lack of specific goals and expected results (make them SMART!)
? Are you ready and willing to change?  If your business doesn’t see a need for the change, your swimming upstream.
? Do you have a Fear of Failure? (Stop that, Failure just means you try harder).
? Ready to celebrate your success (break it down into small chunks, keep everyone excited).

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